Business Continuity

We customize to your needs

We review your requirements and your recovery time objectives and design a solution around your needs.

Hosted within the EU

If you need to comply with GDPR, we guarantee your data stays in the EU (The Netherlands).

Fixed price, no hidden charges

We like fair deals, so you pay a single price per period, no hidden surprises. 

Product Capabilities

Business Continuity Assessment

Business Continuity is more than just backup and recovery and not every data source or device needs to be treated the same way. We work with you to determine your needs and draw up a Business Continuity Plan.


Cloud Backup and Restore

Offsite backup and recovery of all your devices including your Office 365 cloud – all using a single provider. Also, we provide you a unified dashboard.


Restore to Cloud

If you need to restore to a temporary system in the cloud or wish to test these restores regularly, we provide you with advice and the infrastructure of our EU-based cloud.




Disaster Recovery Site

It is always good to be prepared for the worst. Need to quickly create workspaces in the cloud or have servers in the cloud to restore to? Kavos provides you a full cloud-based disaster recovery.